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This is it. We have arrived. Right in front us in this very instant is the infinite present, where mindfulness and freedom reside. This is our home base, our natural wakeful state. The present moment is always available to us. The opportunity to breathe into freedom is always here. We can reside primarily in this moment, while taking productive trips into the realm of thought. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful. Thoughts become things. Like attracts like. And so forth. In a practical sense, our thoughts are also important in our day-to-day lives. But too often there is no balance; the scales are lopsided as we spend the majority of our time lost in the thinking mind, and rarely accessing the Now. Thoughts have been given to us to use as tools for creation and conscious evolution. Not for judgement, criticism, or bitterness. We use our thoughts--combined with action steps that aligned with our intention--to shape our future. Once we've planted the seeds for what's to come, and done what's needed to be done, we can sit back and relax. What's meant to be will be; the universe will meet us halfway. Where we end up in life is not a coincidence. It's a combination of our mindset and our effort. Faith plus action. This is what is meant by my simple motto, "Live fully in the Now, while consciously create your future." 





Love, like all of spirituality, is not a belief, but an action. To love ourselves does not mean to think of ourselves particularly highly or above anyone else. To love ourselves means to accept ourselves fully; our neuroses and our habits; our thoughts and our failures; our bodies and our feelings; our stories and our abilities. We can accept ourselves in the current stage of our evolution, while still striving to become all that we were meant to be. It is important to practice kindness and gentleness with ourselves so that we can learn how to share in this practice with others. Loving ourselves is actually a selfless act. By learning to love and accept who we really are and not hold ourselves to an ideal, we can then practice extending this love and acceptance to others. In time, we will naturally become more forgiving, more patient, more understanding. When we realize the nature of our own ego, figuring out how it operates, we can then recognize the ego in another and separate it from that individual. And then we respond with compassion. Once we have freed ourselves from suffering, we will have the insight and ability to help others become free. We are lights, first for ourselves, and then the world. Which is really the same thing; the deeper we go, the clearer it becomes that there's no distinction between you and I.





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